Peter Schiff’s full political platform begins to take shape

Last week posted perhaps the first article that begins to clearly define what the political platform of potential Senatorial candidate Peter Schiff would look like, outside of his already established expertise on the economic crisis.

The most poignant quote, that also sums up Schiff’s recent speech to the Libertarian Party of Connecticut and best sums up his reason for running is:

“If a regular Republican runs in Connecticut, why is anybody anywhere else going to give a damn?”

In the blue state of Connecticut a mainstream GOP candidate does not stand much of a chance. Peter Schiff, however, would provide the GOP with a refreshing new face. A face that would not have to withstand the criticism that comes with the years of out of control Bush Administration spending, while the GOP leadership in Congress stood idly by.

The article also points out this key aspect of the potential Schiff run:

“Earlier this year, a collection of his supporters, who have already convinced Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, to run for Senate in Kentucky, launched an online effort to get Schiff into the Senate race.”

Again something I love about this movement, the fact that a political contingency is drafting the candidates that they believe will represent their beliefs on Capital Hill. Rather than the normal protocol of a wealthy individual driven by his own ambition feeling he has the right to impose his beliefs on the population of the United States in Congress.

In the first sign that Schiff has a degree of acceptance in Congress itself the article notes:

“…he had to dash out of our interview so he could meet with NRSC chair Sen. John Cornyn.”

This shows that GOP leadership is not completely tone deaf when it comes to the tune that Schiff may be playing to the tired electoral public.

Schiff makes an excellent point by pointing to the importance that his race may have for the future of the GOP when he said:

“If I win on those issues [in my platform] then maybe the Republican Party will have the courage to campaign on those issues in 2012.”

When it comes to tax cuts Schiff sounds much like the Ron Paul, whom he was an economic advisor to in the 2008 Presidential elections:

“We have to cut programs—not just fraud and abuse.”

And so goes the fallacy that cutting the pork and earmarks will solve all of the nation’s problems when things have become as dire as they have.

And then there is perhaps the main criticism that will be launched at Schiff, should he decide to run, that he will call upon the American people to sacrifice more than they are willing to give up, to this he had this to say:

“You’re not going to be out there buying new clothes, you’re not buying a new TV, you’re not buying a new cell phone or laptop every year. Is that so terrible?”

The fact is that the nation will be brought back down to earth one way or the other. Peter Schiff’s way offers the most expedient cure and though it may not be popular at the moment, by the time the 2010 elections roll around the American public, specifically in Connecticut, may understand his reasoning.


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