U.S. sending millions of pounds of munitions to Israel

Reuters is reporting that the United States is seeking to hire a merchant ship to deliver around 3 million pounds of ammunitions to Israel by the end of the month. This action can be seen as the first direct involvement of the United States government in the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

Until the present time, officials in Washington have been operating in a passive aggressive manner in support of Israel by using rhetoric that supports the Israeli leadership’s actions and working to block firmly worded condemnations of Israeli violence in the United Nations.

Just over a week before the Israeli offensive started, in mid-December, the United States made an unusually large shipment to Israel of 5.8 million pounds of ammunitions. And one only needs to look back to September to find the approval by the U.S. Congress to send 1,000 bunker buster missiles to Israel.

While there is no conformation of prior knowledge or approval by the U.S. government with regard to Israel’s current incursion into the Gaza Strip, these facts now heavily support the case for prior knowledge on the part of the United States.

This information could lead to several conclusions regarding where the Israeli aggression is heading. The current shipment that is on its way to Israel could be seen as a replenishing of supplies already used in the incursion over the last two weeks. In other words, this first theory is essentially saying that Israel would be looking to get back to a baseline of weapon stockpiles and therefore would be looking to end the violence soon. Or Israel might need this weapons supply to continue their offensive deep into the Obama presidency.

Once this information of direct action on the part of the U.S. is circulated in the Arab world it will supply the smoking gun to support the already firmly held belief that the U.S. is directly involved and supportive of the current violence.

The repercussions of such evidence are unknown, obviously, until they happen. But any number of scenarios is not beyond the realm of possibility. At the very least it will further sow the resentment for the U.S. in a region where that resentment is already more than prevalent. Iran could also take this as a green light to openly support its proxies in the Israeli region on a much larger scale, starting a full-blown proxy war in the region between the U.S. and Iran. And worst case scenario it could spark direct action against U.S. soldiers in the region or against American citizens in the homeland.


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