Ron Paul’s Family Tree: The Liberty Movement Under a Republican Banner

When Ron Paul decided not to make a 3rd party Presidential run some of his supporters did not understand his decision. It is now becoming clear that running third party would have been a shortsighted political decision.

Now with his Liberty PAC he will be supporting candidates who see eye to eye with him on the essential issues such as true free market economics, non-interventionalist foreign policy and sound money.

By setting the example of how to acquire and retain a seat in Congress which gives him a platform to educate the masses, he has truly created a political movement rather than a one shot Presidential campaign.

In 2010 the liberty friendly candidates who have the greatest chance at success are direct descendants of the Ron Paul campaign in some respect. Prominent examples of potential Liberty candidates who were involved in Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign are Peter Schiff who was an economic advisor to the campaign, Rand Paul who is Ron Paul’s son and worked as a surrogate for the 2008 campaign, and Adam Kokesh who has been involved in Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and is considering a run for New Mexico’s 3rd district House of Rep. seat. All of these candidates and more who may be affiliated with the Liberty PAC are likely to run as Republicans.

Every campaign that is successful in 2010 is likely to spawn more qualified candidates who will run for office in the next cycle. This would create a family tree chart that has the potential to blossom into a full fledged historically significant political movement.
Ron Paul has once again demonstrated his political intelligence by having his Liberty PAC only support candidates who are not running against Republican incumbents.

By not taking on Republican incumbents, Ron Paul’s Liberty PAC will get more bang for their buck. These races are likely to have less involvement from the Republican National Committee, at least on the House of Representatives level.

This quasi deal with the mainline Republicans will allow the Liberty candidates to acquire mainline Republican votes if they are able to emerge the victor in Republican primary. Basically the Liberty candidate will be using the Republican name but once they enter Congress they will not be voting the party line. While there would be some potential to collaborate with mainline Republicans on voting down legislation for government programs sponsored by the Democrats and possibly cooperation on drafting legislation that would cut Federal spending, overall the Liberty candidates would be in a voting bloc all their own. This could lead to a new and interesting dynamic in Congressional politics.

Some Ron Paul supporters may argue against this plan on the grounds that the Republican brand name is tarnished. But if the candidate himself is able to openly criticize the recent performance of mainline Republicans in Congress while having maintained a principled record themselves, the Republican label becomes an asset rather than a blemish. The way it becomes an asset is because the Republican Party right now is an established party with millions of loyal voters that are searching for new and exciting ideas. So while the likelihood of the current Republican leadership crossing over to the ideas of Ron Paul, long time Republican voters are people who would benefit from the party moving in a new direction.

Using the Republican label to get on ballots and in debates is a no-brainer when you consider the candidates are coming from outside of Washington. And they are being “drafted” by the Liberty movement, rather than their own ambition as is often the motivation for most candidacies.

Successful campaigns create more public figures for the movement to evaluate. This process eliminates the perception that a potential candidate is an opportunistic individual, but rather has a set of principals in which he truly believes.

Of all of the potential Liberty candidates currently considering a run for Congress, I believe that if Peter Schiff does indeed run for the US Senate in Connecticut he will be the movement’s figurehead for this cycle. Partially because he would be taking on a big name Democrat in Chris Dodd and also because Dodd was directly involved in the recent AIG scandal as well as an avid supporter of recent bailout packages, if Dodd were to lose to Schiff it may be seen as a referendum on the economic policies of the Obama Administration. But primarily Schiff who is an economist by trade may reap the rewards of great timing. He has been warning of the consequences of the nation’s economic policies for years and now that the nation is suffering through this crisis common sense may lead people to him for answers. If Schiff were to defeat Dodd in the general election, such a victory would send a message not only to the Republicans and Democrats in Washington, but to the nation as a whole that the Liberty movement is indeed legitimate.


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