Ron Paul and the plain, absolute language of freedom

If you sometimes feel that the world is full of stock phrases and sometimes it becomes difficult to say just what you mean you are not alone. Sometimes it is best to strip down language to its bare bones to convey the most elementary of ideas.

This is the case with the Liberty movement and the politics of Ron Paul. Freedom is an absolute and perhaps the only absolute in the worldview of the Liberty movement.

It is important to remember that a large percentage of Congress is made up of lawyers and a lawyer’s weapon of choice is the manipulation of language. Politics at the end of the day is the manipulation of language.

So when people ask me, “What is different about the Liberty movement, what sets it apart from the politics of Washington?”

An easy answer is that in order to clearly convey the message of Liberty you do not need to be a master of language or charismatic in your delivery. You can stumble your way through the message of Liberty, as I often do on this site, and at the end of the day (another stock phrase) once the seed is planted, the message will still resound with the reader or listener.

There is a famous essay written by George Orwell titled “Politics and the English Language.” In the essay Orwell states, “Political language was formed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Orwell understood this earlier than most and far before we as a Western culture fully entered the age of the media. He conveys this theory even more famously in his book 1984.

Perhaps part of Orwell’s anger was born out of being a Brit forced to watch what America did with “his” language.

Regardless, the reason this discussion is relevant at this hour is that the spinning of language to trick the citizens of this country into supporting the agenda of the elite is running out.

If the message is right Orwell’s call for precise language is no longer necessary. It can be a message spoken and spread by the average political novice.

There is a real restlessness in the American public. The window is closing on spin. Generations are now coming of age that have lived their lives day to day, all the while being feed a daily dose of spin. And they have begun to recognize it, first subconsciously, and now as the promises they were made have failed to come to fruition, which affects their day-to-day lives, consciously. And the anger is beginning to build. We see this most clearly in Congressmen and women’s meetings with constituents.
With the message of freedom all one needs to do is declare that they wish to be free and then take that declaration and apply it to every relevant modern day issue. Whether it be healthcare, military service, spending of personal wealth, education…etc.

Let the plain language of freedom be spoken and for once grab the nation’s political discussion by the throat. Only then will the spinster elite be seen through honest eyes as they truly are…liars.

The problem with speaking plainly is that you depend on the listener to do his or her own fact checking to find out what you are saying is indeed true. Like the historian Howard Zinn once said, “If you don’t know history, it is like you were born yesterday.” This is why a peaceful revolution of information is paramount over any anger driven revolution that could dissolve into chaos.

Spreading of the freedom message in a country plagued by historical amnesia is difficult because they don’t remember and therefore cannot imagine how it could ever have been any different than it is today in the nanny state. Or, to take it one-step further, on a global scale how the world could exist without the US as the policeman.

The country is starving for the truth and as the Liberty movement continues to grow, citizens are being feed with the knowledge to fight the tyranny from which they suffer.


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