Ron Paul’s Big Week

On Thursday Dr. Paul while a guest on the Glenn Beck Fox News revealed that he believed that the Federal Reserve and those in control of the Federal Reserve were in the process of arranging a new world banking system.

According to Dr. Paul those on the Federal Reserve’s ownership board are anticipating a collapse of the dollar and from the dollar’s ashes they will resurrect a new global banking system. Dr. Paul spelled out how the Bretton Woods system broke down in 1971 and in its place was constructed a fractional reserve system built on American debt reliant upon the generosity of countries such as China, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Ron Paul’s analysis is important at a time when even the most secure of investments, namely the U.S. Treasury bonds are less than secure.

The next day Ron Paul grilled Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. He pointed out to Bernanke that he can not simply overinflate the bubble by printing more paper money and expect a recovery of the country’s economy.

Later in the day Dr. Paul took to the floor of the United States House of Representatives, pleading for an end to the Federal Reserve. Paul blamed the entirety of the financial crisis on the actions of the Federal Reserve, because they were acting as the  price controllers to the entire nation.

The act of Ron Paul calling for an end to the Federal Reserve should be a huge wake up call for the entire nation of the United States. If we don’t wake up to the damage that the Federal Reserve is be allowed to do to this country by way of the most liberal government we have ever seen, then the citizens of this country will be at the beckoning call of the Federal government for years to come.

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