Ron Paul’s HR 1207 now has 222 Cosponsors

Somewhere down the long starlit path you will find your guide, and then and only then will you realize that liberty is the way to your truth. We need true followers in the fight against the powers that be, the Federal Reserve and the like, but we can’t hold a gun to your head.
And I refuse to do so.
222 cosponsors means that if Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve came to the House floor it would pass. Let me say that again: IT WOULD PASS.
Sad mystic dreams plague my memories, back when I had the hope that the President had our best interests in mind. He woke sweating late night to struggle for us. But I’ve come to find this is not true. Sad realities exposed are uncomfortable, yet necessary.
We found the death of the American dream at dawn tonight in Tennessee at Bonnaroo, but we laughed and moved on. Sad, I know, but truthful and thus the natural reaction of a generation.
We find ourselves in a fix that is not easily navigated.
I would hate to hear the mother of my child someday practicing the words of truth to our child that indeed we will need to cut down on our daily food intake. This is not a reality that I am willing to accept and neither should you. We have a chance to stand up to the Federal Reserve’s policy of inflating the currency through the legislation that is House Resolution 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve by the end of 2010. This legislation would open up the books of this highly secretive and powerful institution by the end of the year 2010.
We are living in the time that the ancestors dreamed of, in that we are the chosen generation that is capable of changing a generation. And I am not only talking to the young but to the living.
In my last post I highlighted the post that showed how a single motivated human being could change the way the corporate system and thereby the political system operates. We have this capability and it is now time that we use it to force House Resolution 1207 to the forefront of the American consciousness.
The bill has surpassed the needed 220 cosponsors to be successful on the House floor if it ever makes it that far. But the Federal Reserve has unleashed lobbyist groups that will use scare tactics to scare the American people to reject this bill to audit the private Federal Reserve.


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