The Future of Conservatism and Our Country

As government steadily increases their ignorance of the will of the people, the basis of democracy, learnings from history and basic economic fundamentals, we will soon come to a crossroads. Do we decide to slip further into textbook Socialism, a transition into Marxism, or do we put our foot down, scream enough is enough, and return to the principles of true conservatism that has always allowed this country to flourish?

This is the question we must ask ourselves as the outgoing administration dabbles in economic socialism (literal proof of this here) and sets the stage and public mindset for further left wing principles that the incoming adminstration has already promised to bring. In a democracy, there are checks and balances in every level of government. On the federal level, the Congress is set up as a check for the executive branch, and the judicial branch is set up as a check on both. However, the Congress has the power to decide what type of cases the judicial branch can hear and rule on. Ultimately, while Congress does have it’s checks, they hold the upper hand of power in the federal government. We the people are the final check on Congress, because we elect them directly.

This election witnessed a great failure in the power of the people. We were so strung up in electing a rhetorical idea and an empty suit that we failed to stand for anything substantial. “Bush Derangement Syndrome”, set into motion back in 2000 by the media and outraged liberals who felt robbed of their “entitlement” to the White House, helped put into motion a plan crafted very carefully by the liberal movers and shakers and media outlets to win the White House back at all costs. When they failed in 2004, the attacks on conservatives and Republicans were stepped up a level that grew to a near-dispicable intensity by the start of the 2008 primaries. It didn’t matter who the Republicans put on the ticket, they were destined to lose. John McCain was not a candidate destined for greatness. The Republicans wanted to give him the chance he had waited 8 years for after losing to Bush in the 2000 primaries. The only positive I can see that came from his candidacy was the emergence of Sarah Palin. Regardless of why she was chosen for the VP spot on the ticket, and regardless of the childish and lowly criticisms thrown at her during the election, she stood for conservative and borderline Libertarian principles that reignited a fire in the bellies of true conservatives. Her effect on the conservative base is immeasurable. I personally feel she is the reason that McCain even had a chance in the pre-election polls.

Conservatism prevails. Period. End of story. When Americans are polled on principles and ideas without labels, we are a center-right country. This was blatantly obvious in the Reagan era, when he expressed the conservative principles and ideas of the founding fathers and our core American values. Reagan won re-election in a landslide and his values and limited government principles brought prosperity to America and the world that has yet to be outdone. You can also see this in Obama’s campaign promises (that he is already retracting from). When his poll numbers began stganating and slipping due to his non-platform platform, he took on a message of slightly conservative ideas. He offered tax cuts to “95% of Americans”, tax breaks for small businesses, and even claimed he was pro-gun rights. Most of these were veiled lies for a larger more liberal agenda, but don’t think for a second that the most clever politician of our day didn’t know that these conservative ideas would excite a majority of Americans; he knew it and he knew it well. It’s jut a shame we fell for it. This was the great failure of the power of the people.

So what does this, and history, teach us? What is the future of our country and of conservatism? The answer lies in a return to basics. The basics of democracy, of the proper role of government as laid out in the Constitution, and in the basics of our inalienable rights. If we follow these basics, we can witness a return to greatness, economic prosperity and all the personal freedoms you want.

If we continue to let the government meddle in the economy, appoint industy czars and force companies to become so crippled to the point of going to DC to beg for a bailout, we will only see a continual downward spiral. Another great failure of the people was in our stupidity of re-electing the figureheads that put us in this mess. The Senate and House financial committees remain mostly unchanged after this election. If we’re in so much of an economic crisis, why wouldn’t you hold those with the power to do something about it accountable and boot them out of office? We failed to do so. In fact, we gave the majority party more power. The failure of the people is deeper than that: we fail to even realize what the problem is, what or who caused it and how to fix it. If we can’t define the problem, how can we craft a solution?

So where do we go from here? It is obvious the party of conservatism is anything but, and I believe true change starts with the emergence of defined conservative principles. Ron Paul tried to define it in the election, but was silenced and ridiculed by the mainstream media and even his own party. Now he is receiving floods of calls every day for comments and solutions to the continually deteriorating economic climate.

Conservatism will experience a re-invigoration once the “RINO”‘s (Republicans In Name Only) and neo-cons are weeded out, and truly defined conservative basic principles are understood once again. And contrary to what a lot of conservative media outlets say, I don’t think this will emerge from a single voice. I don’t think we need to look for the next Ronald Reagan. He or she will emerge, sure. But we can’t sit around and wait. Pat McRory, candidate for governor in North Carolina this year, said at the NCGOP convention, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”. While he lost the election and I didn’t agree with his neo-con ideals, that quote still resonates loudly in my head. I believe the “who” is us, and the time is now. The re-emergence of conservatism will begin at the grassroots, just as in the Revolutionary War. Through the internet, meetup groups, forums, and alternative media outlest, the common man will stand up and scream, enough! As individual rights, the will of the people, and our hard earned tax dollars are cast to the wind I firmly believe we will see true “change” in this country. The type of change is up to us.


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