The Reality of Blagojevich

People across this nation and perched in the towers of the national press who are currently up in arms over the recent actions of Governor Blagojevich have missed the boat…completely.

Money to buy a U.S. Senate seat? What a shocker! Excuse my sarcasm but the apparent shock launched toward a man like Blagojevich who is just a notch above par for the course in the spectrum in American political corruption is laughable.

We, as a country of voters, need to take this oppurtunity to ask ourselves what type of political canadite we take seriously. Blagojevich was taken seriously enough to take the highest office in one of the most populous states in the United States. He had the all important label of Democrat latched onto his name in this left/right paradigm political climate.

My point is that this does not surprise me and it should not surprise you, but that does not mean that anger should be absent.

A great writer, recently departed, once said something to the effect that to complain about current circumstances in the political spectrum is insufficient.

Journalists need to perform CPR to the still salvageable light of the human condition in this seemingly horrible circumstance that we find ourselves now in as a country and as a people.

Without this hope infused into the coverage of the day to day, we forget the youth who are paying attention, we make them jaded and grant them permission to wrestle with the trivial aspects of the political game, without informing them that it is only a game. This political game was always just that, a game. The game was old when it reached the time of Caeser and therefore it will continue and ultimately doom us if we are not conscious of its goal in this era of weapons of mass destruction.

So what is this scandal, what was this scandal? Did it simply give politicos an unpredicted post-election harvest on which to feast or was it just another flash point in the game. This game that trudges on with ever increasingly high stakes.

We do not have to be at the whim of the Blagojevich’s of this country. To become involved is to solve the problem.

The looped tragedy of greed has become expected, and we sit on history’s judgmental wing, expecting a savior in the form of a leader. When in reality we have the power to save ourselves.

Blagojevich is only a man, soon to be stripped of power. Sure there is sadness and despair in this, but in you and in me, strapped with untapped power there is hope, and it is this hope that I cling to tonight.


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