Pope Francis has declared a killed priest from France a martyr

Last Updated: September 15, 2016

Pope Francis has declared a killed priest from France a martyr, from now the father Jacques Hamel has such a special title for his courage and faith. The catholic 85-year-old priest was killed by two Islamist extremists in July.

Pope Francis said that father Jacques Hamel who was knifed to death in northern France in July is a martyr in the eyes of the Catholic Church. During a special mass at the Vatican on Wednesday, Francis indicated the power of faith and personal courage of the 85-year-old priest.

The Pope Francis stressed in his speech that father Jacques can be beatified soon. Beautification is the first step in the road to the getting a sainthood in Catholic Church. This process is very complex, it demands to a proven miracle, but if the person was a martyr such a step can be omitted. Like in the case of father Jacques Hamel.

Pope Francis calls murdered French priest blessed
Pope Francis calls murdered French priest blessed. Vatican, September 14, 2016

Roselyne Hamel, a sister of a killed priest, also attended on Wednesday special service in Rome. She said that her brother and she were going to come to Vatican in 2017. Jacques wanted to see the Pope and to assist in his Mass. Roselyne said:

“So, I am here in his place, in his memory and for the sacrifice of his life. And ending it with such a sacrifice at the altar, the message must be strong, must be great, it should not stop there. All communities, all faiths should hold each other by the hand, so that like him, there will be sharing and tolerance between all faiths and all peoples.”