Prince George, Princess Charlotte as the youngest royals are setting toddler trends

April 28, 2017

Prince George together with his younger sister are stars, the are setting the toddler fashion trends. Undoubtedly, the youngest royals are dressed very well, that’s why the common Britons just follow the style of the kids of Kate and William.

Prince George isn’ shy boy, he likes to be at the centre of attention and always is ready to chat with the grown ups like Barack Obama or Justin Trudeau. His outfits are perfect, George looks like a little gentleman while his sister is wearing classic girlish dresses.

The British designers are happy when Kate Middleton picks up their items, in such way the Duchess of Cambridge is promoting local fashion. The childrenswear designer Amaia Arrieta was very flattered that Prince George on his official Christmas portrait for 2014 wore the item designed by Amaia.

‘I couldn’t believe it. That was the first time we saw a royal wear our clothes,’

the British child wear designer said.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Every clothing item George was photographed in, sold immediately, the same thing with Charlotte’s outfits. Actually, adorable Charlotte’s birth has instantly boosted baby clothes sales inside the UK, set the toddler trends, and what she’s been dressed in on a few public appearances have gone on to become sell outs. Like mother, like daughter, that’s great!