Prince George with the parents: royal summer holiday in France

Last Updated: October 26, 2016

Prince George and whole the royal family of Cambridges are enjoying the summer in France now. Kensington Palace noted that family of four has safely touched down at the small south-western airport of Pau-Pyrenees last week.

Prince George travels with his parents till he was nine months old, and this summer the royals chose to go to France. According to Kensington Palace, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their kids pay a visit to the friends of a family, which lives in the Pyrenees.

For young Prince George, such a travel is a real miracle. Kate notes that three-year-old George is very interested in aircraft and adores to be in the cockpit. Father William is explaining thoroughly to his son what every button means for the pilot.

In is the first time, when Prince George and Princess Charlotte to summer holiday together. In France, the royals pay several visits to friends and relatives.

Prince George and his mother Kate before the holiday in France
Prince George and his mother Kate before the holiday in France

Prince William and Kate love to be in France, it is the most popular place for the royal couple. Not too far and very picturesque, easy to go with the whole family. Cambridges as a family of four took their first holiday this summer. For George and Charlotte, it is the first visit to the French Alps.