Prince Harry at the 40th anniversary of WellChild at a Buckingham Palace

Last Updated: June 13, 2017

Prince Harry hosted an annual charity event at the Buckingham Palace, the 40th anniversary of WellChild included a ceremony of awarding the winners and warm words of Harry who paid tribute to inspirational parents battling to give their poorly children ordinary lives.

Buckingham Palace welcomed the 40th anniversary of WellChild, since 1977, this charity holds an awards ceremony for the children it helps, along with their families. Prince Harry attends the charity event since 2007, in his speech the young royal said many warm words to the winners, calling them professionals.

Matt James, communications director for WellChild, was proud of the event’s anniversary and Harry’s patronising the organisation:

‘Prince Harry tonight paid tribute to inspirational parents battling to give their poorly children ordinary lives – telling them ‘you’re professionals’.

Prince Harry meets members of the parents advisory group which gives advice to the WellChild charity

Harry attends the charity event at the Buckingham Palace

Prince is the patron of the charity WellChild for several years, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth was meeting mothers and fathers who have given their lives to raising their children at home despite major health problems at Buckingham Palace.

The #NOTANURSE_BUT campaign sees them describe the medical care they provide for their own kids despite not being professional nurses.

Prince Harry WellChildThe 32-year-old Prince Harry expressed his devotion to the parents who can do literally everything for their children:

‘Now you’re professionals at this. You’ve got to try to share these experiences and help other people. I’d imagine it’s one hell of a decision to say I want my children at home.’

Marking WellChild’s 40th anniversary, Harry noted in his speech that he is proud to see these people at the reception and really glad to know that charity over last four decades is helping families kit out their homes and gardens to make it easier for the youngsters to live their daily lives.