Prince Harry to hold his first solo garden party at the Buckingham Palace

May 10, 2017

Prince Harry will join the upcoming garden parties at the Buckingham Palace, the grandson of Elizabeth II is hosting one solo for the first time.

Prince Harry is a former soldier, so he will join current and former members of the military at the annual Not Forgotten Association Garden Party on May 30. Prior to this event, on May 13, Harry will host another party at the Buckingham Palace, to honour the children of those who have died serving in the RAF.

This year, Queen has given permission for three extra garden parties, all of them are the responsibility of her grandson Harry. On May 13, the garden event will be hosted jointly by the elder brother, Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Kate Middleton.

Last week, Queen’s husband Prince Philip, announced his retirement from public duties, so his workload is going to fall on the other royal family member. Prince Harry supposed to be responsible for events like Invictus Games and similar military-themed parties.

Buckingham Palace garden party in May last year

Prince Harry to host Not Forgotten event in May

Prince Harry will hold solo the Not Forgotten event in May, said Kensington Palace. It is an annual tradition, the party in the gardens of the Queen’s London home gathers thousands of wounded, injured and sick military personnel and veterans. This year, party’ll be the first time Harry has hosted a garden party by himself.