Prince William, Prince Harry might have a cameo in the next Star Wars film

Last Updated: April 21, 2017

Prince William and Prince Harry both are fans of the Star Wars films, being kids they dreamed of space adventures and fighting with the Dark side characters. Now, their dream may come true, one of the princes could be set to play The Last Jedi.

The Duke of Cambridge is a big fan of The Star Wars, as well as his brother Harry. In 2016, Princess Diana’s sons visited Pinewood Studios, after that the rumours arose – one of the royals may play the cameo.

While the visiting the studio where the cast worked on then-untitled Episode VIII, Prince William and Prince Harry posed for photos with actors John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, made several pics with Chewbacca and BB8.

The lightsabre battle

The lightsabre battle was the most delighting moment of the royal visit to the Pinewood Studio, and Harry said his godson, Prince George, ‘would love’ one of the weapons.

According to Mr Boyega, princes know how to spend the time on the filming studio, Harry and William were filming a brief and heavily costumed appearance as Stormtroopers. Who knows, maybe it was the first step to the actor’ career for some of Diana’s sons?