Rodrigo Duterte impeachment papers filed in Philippine Congress

March 16, 2017

Rodrigo Duterte and his ruling methods made the opposition lawmaker Gary Alejano filed an impeachment. The official papers are in the Philippine Congress already, on Thursday, Mr Alejano started a judicial procedure against the leader of Filipinos.

President Rodrigo Duterte faced with the impeachment, today, the lower house representative Alejano filed all needed paper, in which he calls for Duterte’s removal. Among the long list of the reasons, Gary Alejano points high crimes, betrayal of public trust and abuses of power.

According to Alejano, Mr Duterte is guilty of offences that are worthy of impeachment, the spectre of these misdemeanours are rather wide, says Politico – from concealing assets and conflicts of interest to drug-related extrajudicial killings. Moreover, the lawyer remembered that mayor of Davao city Duterte was running an alleged “death squad”.

Duterte’s spokesman on Thursday said Alejano was trying to create doubts among the public about the administration. Alejano urges Filipinos to speak up against a president:

“Our goal with this complaint is to be a vehicle for Filipinos to have a voice to oppose and fight against the abuses and crimes of President Duterte.”

Duterte in Davao city, how it worked

Duterte in Davao city, how it worked

Duterte has rejected any accusations in the direct killing the people while his ruling Davao city. Of course, he used the harsh methods in his fight with the drug syndicates but he warned about it loud and clear in 2009.

‘Duterte had a gold-plated revolver on the desk. It was just there — ready to use,’

remembers a former US diplomat that times in Davao. Official statistic has registered at least 8,000 people have been killed since Duterte unleashed his anti-drugs crusade. The police raids were resulted in some 2,500 deaths as well. Mysterious killings of drug users and dealers became the streets legends.