Russia and China veto new UN sanctions on Syria over use of chemical weapons

March 1, 2017

Russia and China don’t agree with the UN’s position on Syria’s using the chemical weapons. These two countries vetoed new UN Security Council sanctions against President Assad’s regime. According to Russia and China, Syria is not accountable for the use of chemical weapons.

The US ambassador to the UN accused Russia and China of refusing to hold President Bashar Assad’s regime accountable for the use of chemical weapons. Both countries decided to veto the resolution, which calls to make Assad’s regime accountable for the using the chemical weapon.

According to the new US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, Russian and China with their vetoing are putting their friends in Syria ahead of our global security. Mrs Haley added:

‘They turned away from defenseless men, women and children who died gasping for breath when Assad’s forces dropped their poisonous gas.’

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The 2013 chemical weapon attack on a Damascus

In 2013, the chemical weapon attack on a Damascus suburb killed hundreds of men, women and children, and of the consequences of this act was the UNSC resolution that ordered the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons, precursors and the equipment to produce the deadly agents.

On Tuesday, the voting on Damascus issue caused the mess in the UNSC because of the positions of Russia and China, these countries vetoed the resolution while the US have joined France and Britain in favour of the document.

Salem Al Meslet, spokesman for Syria’s main opposition faction taking parts in talks in Geneva, disappointed with the resolution’s defeat.

“We regret this veto, which is inconsistent with Russia’s previous policy on chemical weapons and not in harmony with Russia’s apparent effort to achieve a political solution in Geneva,”

he concluded.