Sanders’ supporters in California can’t say goodbye

July 4, 2016

“I am still Sanders,” say supporters in California, who cannot just say goodbye to their candidate. In California, citizens are very much more revved up. For the coming Democratic National Convention Steve Dunwoody was elected as Sanders volunteer from the Los Angeles-area.

California supports Bernie Sanders, however, the Democratic primary ended in June. The candidate Sanders himself decided to tone down his criticism of competitor Clinton. Instead of it, Sanders focused on defeating Donald Trump, moreover, Bernie noted that his so-called ‘political revolution’ means nothing without him in the White House.

California activists meanwhile reflect the general distrust of Hillary Clinton and of the system that has built up over the long primary campaign. Many people inclined to believe that vote counting after Election Day wasn’t too accurate. Sanders supporters believe that their candidate’ loss in the primary was driven in part by the media, which declaring Clinton the presumptive nominee the night BEFORE voters went to the polls.