Bernie Sanders buys a lake home for $575,000

August 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane buys a new home, the real estate agent Franz Rosenberger closed this deal for a $575,000 in August. For Sanders family, it will be the second home where they can gather with the whole family. 

Bernie Sanders got a new lake home in North Hero, the deal closed, the price of a new house was $575,000, said the realtor. According to his information, Sanders couple was looking for the second home for weekends on the water with their grandchildren and children

The new house of Sanders has big views of the lake and the Green Mountains. New lake home for $575,000 and the story about its buying became viral, publications was picked up widely, from the Washington Post to Vanity Fair. Many thought that Bernie bought the house with campaign contributions, but it’s rumors.