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American Music Awards (or AMAs) is an annual show, one of the biggest US musical industry events. The AMAs’ idea appeared thanks to Dick Clark in 1973. The personality of Mr Clarc is extremely respectful, this man made a lot for the development of the show-business, he became even the cultural icon in America. The American Music Award showAmerican Music Awards’ first air in 1973 was hosted by ABC. What the difference between the AMAs and Grammy? It is the voters. American Music Awards gives its statuette to the best of the more than 20 categories, being based on the opinion of public who votes via the website of AMAs, while Grammy is awarded on the basis of the professionals, the members of the Recording Academy.

The American Music Awards’ best singers

The American Music Awards’ records singers are Michael Jackson (26 awards) and Whitney Houston (22 statuettes). Among the groups, the best one is Alabama, who have collected twenty-one awards during several years.
The American Music Awards’ statuette is manufactured by the New York firm Society Awards.

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