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Emma Watson is the British actress, she was born in 1990, in Paris, France, but raised in England. In one of her interview Ms Watson said she had no childhood because she grew up on camera. Emma has transitioned into a popular adult model and actress, rich person who is promoting the gender equality and representing the UN as its Goodwill Ambassador from 2014.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s professional achievements are impressive, the young professional was nominated for three Academy Awards, and seven BAFTA Awards.

The actress was not so happy while she’s been closely identified with her Harry Potter character. In 2007, she decided to work in ‘Ballet Shoes’, which was aired on BBC One. Emma Watson’ parents are lawyers, so the actress always dreamed of the University degree too. She graduated from Brown in 2014 with an English degree.

Emma Watson and her financial success

Emma Watson became very rich kid thanks to the role of Hermione Granger, the 11-year-old film debut was an enormous success, being grossed $974 million worldwide. The actress got the status as an up-and-coming young film star.

Next decade made Emma even richer because of commercials and invitations to be a face for Dior campaigns, for example. According to Forbes, Emma Watson Net Worth as of 2016 is $70 million, most of it earned thanks to Hermione Granger character.

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