Taiwan is braced for the full impact of super typhoon Nepartak

July 7, 2016

Taiwan is ready to face with the super typhoon Nepartak, and authorities gave it the highest, fifth category. An island could fell soon the full impact of the huge cyclone, which can hit the eastern shores of Taiwan Thursday night.

Typhoon Nepartak is headed to Taiwan, and this cyclone is the most powerful and destroying in the last 200 days, according to meteorologists from the western Pacific basin. On Wednesday morning, Nepartak recorded maximum gusts of 175 miles per hour, says Anthony Sagliani, a tropical meteorologist at Earth Networks in Maryland.

The meteorologists informed the authorities about dangerous Nepartak, so, Taiwanese officials prepared for the worst. The thousands of troops mobilized on the eastern coast, according to Taiwanese newspaper the China Post. Some flights to and from the Taiwan have already been canceled, the Taipei Times informs. According to the prognosis, the typhoon can hit the eastern shores of Taiwan Thursday night.

The tropical meteorologists underline the ‘perfectness’ Nepartak as a cyclone in terms of science. They noted:

“It worth to be inserted into the textbook as ‘perfect’ super typhoon.”