The real reason Hillary Clinton lost the US election: The Destruction of Hillary Clinton book

April 11, 2017

Hillary Clinton comes back to the politics, this brave and smart woman spent a couple of months ‘in woods’ but now she is ready for the fresh start. Meanwhile, the book ‘The Destruction of Hillary Clinton’ by Susan Bordo has offered the deep analysis of Clinton’s fail in the recent US presidential elections.

Five months after the ‘black’ for Hillary November, Susan Bordo published the book about the world-famous US Democrat. It is not easy to be famous because all and every your success and failure are automatically known to everyone on the planet, and Bordo has revealed the real reason of Clinton’s lost in the US election 2016.

While analysts are still working to understand the factors behind Hillary Clinton’s defeat, book by American scholar Susan Bordo, The Destruction of Hillary Clinton, makes a striking argument about the cause of Clinton’s loss:

She had no control of her narrative, particularly as it was shaped by the media.

At the same time, Ms Bordo stresses how good Bernie Sanders was controlling his narrative, unlike Clinton.

Bordo’s feminist analysis is concise and incisive, the author moves from the double standards faced by female politicians, exposes how the generational gap effectively trapped smart Clinton in two competing narratives about her political ideology that divided women largely by age in this election. In other words, Hillary was destructed by her inability to have a full and constant control of her narrative, belives the author.