Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike: the most powerful woman in Japan

March 8, 2017

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike could become a next prime minister after Shinzo Abe, so far, she is the most powerful woman in Japan, say the experts.

Tokyo won the right to be a host of the Olympic Games in 2020, a lot of efforts by the city governor were crowned by success. But there are only three years to fulfil all the promises the city gave to the Olympic committee.

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike and Thomas Bach, 2016

Thomas Bach of the Olympic Committee was really surprised when the Tokyo governor invited him and held the entire meeting in front of the media with absolute calmness and politeness. That was a real broadcasting live with dozens of cameras, Bach was astounded with the press event that showed him the one important thing – the city belongs to Yuriko Koike.

The most powerful woman in Japan won the Tokyo governorship in July 2016, Mrs Koike is 64, she is Japan’s most popular leader, with approval ratings as high as 86 percent. As a matter of fact, Yuriko Koike is the de facto opposition to prime minister Shinzo Abe, so many experts predicts her holding the prime minister position in foreseeable future. With her blend of charisma, conservatism and civic populism could yet make her Japan’s next prime minister.