Trump notes he’s ‘afraid’ US election is ‘about to be rigged’

August 2, 2016

Donald Trump came into the important stage of the presidential election, it’s less than 100 days until the general election. On Monday the Republican candidate expressed his concerns regarding the forthcoming election. Mr. Trump sais he’s “afraid” the election “is about to be rigged.” 

Trump is stoking mistrust of the election system of the U.S., so he has fostered among his supporters. According to the words of Donald Trump:

“I’m afraid the election’s gonna be rigged. I have to be honest.”

The nominee from the Republican Party is feeling a bit nervous because of the forthcoming election event. It’s easy to understand – it’s less than 100 days until the general election in November, so Trump expresses doubts about the legitimacy of the election process in the United States nowadays. Sounds a bit strange, but Donald Trump always is so excentrical in his statements, the latest one is “Clinton is a devil.”