Trump plans to keep quiet on Clinton’s pneumonia

September 12, 2016

Donald Trump is using the new strategy: he keeps quiet on Clinton’s pneumonia and other health issues of his rival. On Sunday, Mrs. Clinton made an early departure from the annual memorial at Ground Zero commemorating the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Doctor diagnosed pneumonia but Donald Trump is not intended to express sarcasm in this regard.

Donald Trump announced his new strategy for handling the news about Hillary Clinton’s illness, he will be to keep quiet on pneumonia of Hillary. On Sunday, during the annual memorial at Ground Zero the Democratic candidate became overheated and dehydrated so much, she had to leave the meeting earlier.

After, Hillary was examined by the doctor Lisa Bardack and diagnose pneumonia. Surprisingly, but Donald Trump instead of coming out swinging like he often does, the plan is for him and his campaigners to refrain from commenting on Clinton’s collapsing.

Thus, Trump is learning and changing, say the political experts.