Uber wants to deliver food in at least 22 more countries

September 29, 2016

Uber continues to expand, this time, a taxi company from San Francisco wants to deliver the meal. Whatever it was, the passenger service or food, no difference. So, now Uber wants to deliver food in at least 22 more countries.

Uber is making an aggressive move into meal delivery, the company is planning to enter at least 22 new countries and take on local rivals. Taxi business was only a start, now the top management is much more ambitious.

On Thursday, Uber begins delivering meals in Amsterdam, bike couriers from UberEats soon will appear in at least 22 new countries across the world. That is on top of the six countries where Uber already operates. Jambu Palaniappan, head of UberEats for Europe, Middle East and Africa, explains:

“UberEats is one (business) we feel incredibly confident is resonating across the world and resonating across the footprint of the cities in which Uber operates the transport business.”

According to him, Dubai and Johannesburg got UberEats by the end of the year, plus more six big cities.