1 in every 350 Americans is considered a possible “terrorist”

This really makes you ask, am I one of them? Of course not… right? Do not be so sure… The Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act redefines what a terrorist is. The Act’s definition of a terrorist is so broad that an protester, for just about anything, could be labeled a terrorist. Also do not fly in and out of the country more than a few times… they may suspect you.

Almost 1 million people will be put on the “watch list” by years end. This is incredible and utterly insane. How can the government expect us as citizens to believe that 1 in every 350 people need to be watched. When I heard this news all I could think was that 1984 is already here. I am afraid just by writing this and posting it online I will be added to the list.

People amaze me how they can still say “Patriot Act” is for our protection. Watching 1 million people is not for our protection! How big must the government be to be able to watch this many people! I already knew I couldn’t enter the city with out being caught on camera 1,000 times but this is incredible. Spying on 1 million people makes the government the biggest terrorist of them all…If your not doing anything wrong why does it matter? That is by far the worst argument I have ever heard!

I would rather vote for a democrat that taxed me more and controls my health care plan than a candidate who supports this…

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