But what does Barack Obama represent? The Inauguration Story

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Overlooking the capitol viewing area, an ocean of snow capped chairs peaceful and waiting for the frenzy of teary eyed onlookers, adoring lovers of the image and portrayal for a new America. A man to carry us into the future of a new America. A rebirth of vision for a new America. Parades with the pride of a winning spirit to revitalize the people in a new America. inauguration

Ask someone on the streets of DC why they like our next President and you will get a clear, clean sample of the admiration of a man as a symbol of something better. Hope, Change, Yes We Can. It seems like a powerful recipe for new heights in a new America that is being felt nationwide. The 44th President Barack Obama and the euphoria of a new era.

However, what does Barack Obama exactly represent? What are his policies? Do they represent the American people? Is he looking out for the individual American? Does he represent principles of Freedom and Liberty?

When interviewing Fred Brito reporter in DC yesterday about his conversations with people attending President elect Barack Obama’s swearing in order to uphold the United States Constitution (as it is actually written?) they were genuinely excited. Questions came to mind, does Obama plan to carry out the oath of office? Will people know it if he doesn’t and will they even care?

This is what Fred had to say about interviewing people on the streets of DC…

“People are drunk with this new image of a president being sworn in, and I asked them, Do you really understand what Obama is saying?”

Glossy twinkling eyed stares…

“Do you know the real Barack Obama?”

One response – Well yeah he’s the person who is going to champion the lives of the disenfranchised and help out the middle class.

“How? Do you really know what his policies are going to do and how they will impact average Americans?”

That’s where they get stuck, they have no idea of his background, where he comes from or who his court of advisors are thus the glazed over eyes once again…
After speaking with Fred it made me consider what direction are we actually going? Why and who is to blame for the mess of our nation?

Many rightfully might argue that it’s the Bush Administration’s warmongering pushing things like the Patriot Act to protect you, But Obama voted for the Bush Re-Authorization of the Patriot Act which takes away your freedom and rights.

Many might rightfully say that Bush cost our country tremendous amounts of money invading Iraq under the false pretense that they had WMDs scaring the American public and constantly requiring billions of tax dollars that would be better spent here rebuilding America, but again Obama voted to fund the War in Iraq, and he even outvoted his opponent John McCain congratulations Obama beats McCain twice.

Many might rightfully state that Bush would go to great lengths violating your rights to the point of illegally wiretapping Americans. Again Obama voted to give a pass to the Bush Administration’s spying on the American people via the FISA bill in July 08. Only 5 months before it’s passing Obama promised to filibuster such a bill.

When the President elect is sworn in today ask yourself this…am I ready for Barack Obama’s New America? If you approve of what we got from the Bush administration and their friends the Democratically controlled congress the answer is obvious. You are definitely ready!

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