Republicans Give Ron Paul the Ultimate Snub

R and DThe Republicans have released the line up of speakers for their convention next week and it is more notable for who is not going to speak than it is for who is.

All of the primary candidates will be speaking, all but one -Ron Paul. Now, he probably does not care about that anymore because he is going to be holding his own convention at the same time. But it could make a difference to the Republicans in November.

The talk up to now has been mostly about whether or not Hillary Clinton’s supporters will fall in line behind Barack Obama. The Republicans are so concerned about it, they are running adds trying to lure them away. Meanwhile at least 15% of the Republican voters still support Ron Paul and the chance of them falling in line behind John McCain is about the same as John Edwards becoming Secretary of State.

So far, the Democratic Convention has gone pretty smooth. They have come under criticism for not attacking John McCain right from the get go, but that is not the plan. The first thing on the agenda is to unify as much of the party behind Barack Obama as possible. The story will be different when the nominees take the podium themselves. Then the gloves will come off and stay off.

So far, the polls are mixed regarding the effect of having Joe Biden as a running mate will have. The same goes for the way the Clinton delegates will go. That is to be expected. It will take some of them a while to make up their minds. And now it is up to Obama to win them over, not up to Clinton to deliver. The Biden effect will be more evident when McCain makes his choice.

With the Republicans, it will be interesting to see how much coverage Ron Paul and his convention gets. The Ron Paul supporters are the most conservative of the Republican party and they will not vote for Obama. But they could vote for Bob Barr. And that many Republicans not voting for John McCain could very well be more than he would get from dissatisfied Clinton supporters, most of whom are saying if they do not vote for Obama, they will just stay home.

As a matter of fact, Ron Paul could very well pull more votes away from McCain. He is not considered to be conservative. Most people think of him as a moderate. The more moderate he appears, the more conservatives he will loose. The American voter is becoming more likely to listen to their own conscience than every before. The American voter would rather vote for someone they believe in who has no chance of winning than for a candidate of a major party just because they belong to that party. The face of American politics is different this time. Whether it stays this way, who knows.


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