Ron Paul Announces Grand March On Washington D.C.

In a video update from the Ron Paul campaign late last night, Ron Paul called for a “march on Washington”, to be held in “three or four months, before the convention.”

In the video released tonight Ron Paul states, “We are at this point where we have to do something major…We have to make a grand stand, we have to stand firm and see where are numbers are…”

Ron Paul seems to sense the fluidity of not only this Presidential race but also of the geopolitical and the world economic climate. There are so many variables that are still in play that could swing the momentum into Paul’s favor as the general election draws closer. A grand march on Washington just might be the rallying cry that grabs the attention of the nation and forces them to take notice of Ron Paul’s solutions to the problems that now loom over this nation.

There is also a growing voice of dissent against John McCain in the Republican Party. This voice of dissent does not seem to be willing to fall into line behind the Republican candidate. The resolution found on this site, , is picking up steam in local Republican branches and is poised to unify those within the party who disapprove of McCain. The resolution passed unanimously tonight in the vote of local GOP branch in Wisconsin, a state that has yet to vote in this primary cycle.

The Ron Paul forums are buzzing with suggestions for possible dates for the march as well as speakers and musicians that will be involved in the march. Ron Paul mentioned in the video that, “There has been some great music associated with this campaign” implying that music will certainly be involved in the rally. This campaign has inspired original songs spanning the genres from rap to folk to rock.

As speculation for a date is sure to continue over the course of the next few days some are wondering if there is a possibility that the march on Washington could correspond with the coming release of Ron Paul’s book, The Revolution: A Manifesto. These two events may very well propel this campaign through the summer months with more cash and growing support, right up to the doorstep of the convention in St. Paul in September.


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