Unwell Jon Bon Jovi forced to cut concert short after telling audience: “I’m singing like s**t”

April 7, 2017

An unwell Jon Bon Jovi was forced to reluctantly cut a concert short this week after reportedly telling the audience: “I’m singing like s**t.”

Jon Bon Jovi has the most loyal fans in the world, and even after he abruptly cuts the concert on April 7, his admirers didn’t get angry but wished to Jon get well soon. The cut concerts were rescheduled, for April 13 and 15 instead of planned April 7 and 8. The It’s My Life rockstar has bronchitis, which made him sing ‘like a s**t’.

The 55-year-old Bon Jovi forced to cut concert short after telling the crowd: “I’m singing like s**t”, he promised to give a powerful show a week later when his voice comes back. The Pittsburgh Gazette citing Bon Jovi:

“I think I’m singing like s**t tonight, and I apologise… but I’m gonna keep pushing on and if you stick it out with me, I’ll stick it out with you.”

Probably, Bon Jovi has overestimated his ability to sing, so he cut the concert after 90 minutes from advertised 150. Prior to leaving the stage, the rockstar thanked the fans for their kindness and apologised for being unable to complete the full show This House Is Not For Sale. The planned shows of Bon Jovi were rescheduled on medical advice, according to the official statement:

“Based on doctors’ recommendations, Bon Jovi’s concerts at Madison Square Garden (on Friday, April 7th and Saturday, April 8th) must unfortunately be rescheduled, due to the bronchitis that Jon Bon Jovi has been fighting.