Victoria Beckham: clever body lengthening trick from 5ft4in star

April 19, 2017

Victoria Beckham is not a tall woman but all her photos demonstrate her perfect skill to show her 5ft4in body as the well-proportioned, tall and leaning one. Vicky’s secret in the smart tailoring that lengthens the body for an elegant effect.

Mrs Beckham is an acclaimed fashion designer who respects the minimalist tailoring, this approach helps Victoria to look perfect and to have her own impeccable style. According to the fashion expert Hannah Almassi, Victoria has adopted one clever styling trick that lengthens the body for an elegant effect. This trick allows David’s wife to have ever-glamorous look.

Victoria Beckham

The mother-of-four’s look is instantly taller and trimmer, that is the effect of so-called smart-couture, smart Posh has curated a precise uniform of pared back separates, which makes her body look tall and slim.

‘So while you think it may only be a super-skimming dress or long trousers worn with stacked heels that can do some clever body-extending trickery, this actually works like a dream – even with some pretty tricky proportions like dropped waists or prints like horizontal stripes,’

says Hannah.

Nobody notes that the height of Victoria is only 5ft4in because she always wear the high-heeled shoes, that is another body lengthening trick from the British star.