The Voice’s Christina Grimmie dead at 22 after being shot at concert

June 11, 2016

Christina Grimmie, the former Voice contestant has died at 22 years old. A young woman didn’t survive the gunshot wounds. Her publicist told the journalists, that “She was shot at her show in Orlando and, unfortunately, didn’t survive the gunshot wounds.” The singer being shot by a male suspect, who proceeded to shoot himself. 

Christina Grimmie died after shooting on the concert. The singer was shot at her own show in Orlando, unfortunately, she didn’t survive the lethal gun shot wounds. Her family is mourning and asks the fans not to be obtrusive. After this deadly incident on the concert Christina was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately, she couldn’t survive. The former Voice contestant has died at 22 years old, at the peak of her musical glory.

The Orlando Police told about its actions after gunshot at Orlando’s Plaza Live: “Upon arrival officers found the male suspect, who was deceased and one victim who was gravely injured. That victim, singer Christina Grimmie, was transported to the hospital with critical injuries.”