Woody Allen on first TV series: “It was much harder work than a movie”

October 1, 2016

Woody Allen is a living a legend of filming and directing. Every his work is a masterpiece, the actors are ready to work with Allen even for free. Everyone in Hollywood knows that appearing in Woody Allen’s movie is a great honor and privilege. The director Allen has opened many stars in Hollywood, and the young actors and actresses are grateful to him for that. To work on his first TV series was much harder than on a movie, said Woody Allen.

Woody Allen presented at the  New York premiere of Amazon’s ‘Crisis in Six Scenes’, for legendary Hollywood director the TV series was the first probe of this genre. The most complicated thing, according to Allen, was whether he’ll make more small-screen content.

When Woody Allen first started working on his first TV series, an Amazon project announced in January of 2015, the acclaimed film director joked that he’d made a “catastrophic mistake.” Now that he’s completed work on the first season of the ’60s-set comedy, Crisis in Six Scenes, Woody Allen still says it was incredibly difficult work.

“I should never have gotten into it,” he said at a Cannes press conference for his film Irrational Man, adding that he was really struggling with the project, which was already proving to be more difficult than he thought it would be.

Woody Allen's Amazon series Crisis in Six Scenes on Wednesday released its first real trailer ahead of the show's Sept. 30 debut for Prime subscribers.
Woody Allen’s Amazon series Crisis in Six Scenes on Wednesday released its first real trailer ahead of the show’s Sept. 30 debut for Prime subscribers.

“I thought it would be a cinch. One half hour and then another half hour. But it’s not! It’s very, very hard, and I just hope that I don’t disappoint Amazon,” he said at the time.

“I don’t watch any of those television series, so I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m floundering. I expect this to be a cosmic embarrassment.”