Global Warming in Maine?

Global Warming… Amazing how the “media” just cherry picks temperatures to encourage others to believe their believes. Sometimes I feel the media is as bad as a religious cult, spewing lies left and right to further their goals. Of course the media wants you to believe in the mass destruction of millions of individuals, it sells papers. Global warming is a story the media can go back to, time and time again, to sell papers.
Global Warming there is not. Any native Mainer will tell you that January thaws are not uncommon. Maine gets a 3 day warm spell, so the media panics and screams GLOBAL WARMING! Last time I checked, Maine just came of a few weeks of a cold snap, and after the warmth they are heading right back to one. The media needs to go to Maine, and actually ask the residents what they think… It is cold as hell, after it has frozen over.

Even we have more journalistic integrity than the Boston Globe. Too bad, we do not make as much money as them… wait, that is a good thing. In case you did not pick up on that, the Globe is doing terrible right now.


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