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*I am going to state right off the bat… I am poor. Unbelievably poor, I am poorer than those collecting disability or those collecting welfare. If you would like to donate to my cause, let me know! I could use government care more than most

I understand why people want health care reform, I want reform… It is completely absurd how much any of us have to pay for any treatment in the United States. Trying to get affordable health care is a just cost, and we should persue it in greater haste than we currently are. Our system is sick as it is way too expensive. Now the big question, Is a government run system the answer? Sure, if you want a system that is even more expensive and labor intensive than the one we currently have. At the very least, this is something that CANNOT be rushed, yet that is what’s happening. What has the federal bailout done for us? It has done nothing it was supposed to do, largely because it was rushed and pushed through congress. Most members of congress have developed a sort of laziness, or lack of caring for anything but being reelected…. which leads them to grow apart from the American public. They are swayed by private interests and what will get them reelected, not what the people want.

This house bill that is being planned will further ruin this economy. Let’s say the government got their act together and ran this system they are proposing correctly without letting it spiral out of control financially… what would it do to the economy? The proposed small business tax is ridiculous. It is a cost that established businesses could probably afford in a good market, but not something start ups could afford in any market. We here at PoliticalLore.com have big plans for the site, and do not want anything tying us down… So yes we are bias. Suck it up.

The proposed wealthy tax is also unfair and equally ridiculous. I understand the election made Obama a rich man, congratulations… (I am now thinking about running for president) this does not mean others will have such an easy pass to millions. He made it big, quick and relatively easy, of course he does not mind being taxed. Most people who make over $350,000 a year, live beyond their means like anybody in the middle class, and probably just lost most of their retirement money. This makes them just as vulnerable to the affects of another tax. Most rich people work for an “evil corporation” right? Well that corporation is taxed…. then that rich man or women’s salary and investments are taxed… then that rich persons children are taxed on the money they inherit. That is a lot of money is being taxed three times. It is enough of a tax. The government has always spent way more money than they needed ensuring they stay in their comfy offices while we here on the street are suffering and they are doing nothing we want them to do. Republicans did it before the democrats so do not try to play the “democrats are the problem!” trumpet… republicans are equally the problem. If they are against all this stuff being passed, they sure do not act like it.

What could we do other than this government run system? I am going to throw out some ideas, feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think. The proponent of the government’s system biggest line of defense is, “What would YOU do?” which in actuality solves nothing. Somebody can be against something based on that somethings merits, without having their “own” solution. I hate my neighbor’s dog… that does not mean I need a “solution” to get rid of him… or do I?

  • Decrease how much any doctor/hospital can be sued for due to malpractice, as this will decrease the liability, which will decrease that doctor’s or hospital’s liability insurance.
  • Crack down on the Medicare/insurance hospital billing, make sure they are not billing out 100% they can, on each “plan”. The reason costs are so high, is because programs like insurance allow costs to get out of hand. Each hospital acts like a government system, instead of a business… loads of wasteful spending. If a hospital can bill your insurance company $500 for a box a tissues, they will. If you were paying cash, I guarantee you could negotiate your whole bill down substantially.
  • One of the reasons health care is so expensive is because of people’s inability to afford routine care. Why does going in for a checkup cost so much? This means that when a problem is found it generally because of a pain or hospital trip, meaning costs are higher. Good people pay for what they can, but even these people can’t pay for what they can’t. Maybe lowering insurance costs may not be the solution, maybe lowering hospital costs by picking away every trouble spot one by one…
  • Of course the government talks about limiting CEO’s salaries, but would never consider setting limits on doctors, teachers, or even congressmen. Why? Because if they did, all of the sudden most of the talent would be gone. (Just throwing this out there, as I have heard this idea)
  • Deport illegal immigrants. Go after the employers with fines… Huge fines. They would end up being covered under the new plan; I just do not think that is right. Yes they are human, but they should go back to their original country for treatment, unless they can pay for it. Lowering costs by going with what was mentioned above… may actually solve this problem.
  • Forcing congress into any system they create… no matter if they have the ability to pay for better treatment. Let them suffer, with us.

Obviously the problem is much bigger and cannot just be fixed by those suggestions. Still, we would be better off than with the government system any day. Just look at how messed up the VA system is.

Your ideas/comments?


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