March on Washington 912DC

As the clouds loomed over the capital hundreds of thousands of people gathered to protest the corruption and greed in Washington D.C. Protesting everything from the health care bills, or lack thereof, taxes, the deficit, the continuation of the Iraq & Afgan wars, the lies, failure to read the bills, failure to listen… Just about everything under the sun, or clouds in this instance. 912DC was a success because of the large turnout. Though, it remains to be seen what will come out of it, if anything.

The crowd was extremely diverse which was actually a little surprising to me. There were people of every color and nationality, and as many young people as old. There was also a broad range of political believes, something that did not surprise me. Libertarians, independents, as well as republicans made up most of the crowd. There was positive discussion, as well as negative.
On a day congress was not at work and the President, conveniently, was not in town to hear the message people gathered to protest the growing problem congress not listening to the people.

We will be reporting more in-depth later, as well as posting a video of some raw footage we got from the event. It was an 9 hour trip there, 9 hour trip back… with little to no sleep in-between. Here are some pictures in the meantime. Click on an image to see a high-res version. Feel free to link to our site, but do not take them and post them on other sites. Contribute to our cause if you can. (Bandwidth is expensive)

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