Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley Fight Night

We will be continuing our coverage of Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley late into the night. Today is the day of the special Massachusetts senate election. Polls have been sporadic at best, but they do show Scott Brown has the better chance of winning. It all, of course, depends on who shows up at the polls. All the media attention given to Brown vs Coakley, particularly the predictions that Brown will indeed win, will probably energize the liberal base enough to get out and vote. Personally, I am predicting Brown will come away with 54% of the vote. This is for all intents and purposes, a fair estimate.

Coakley has floundered as of late, and President Obama did nothing to help. In fact, he could have hurt the campaign. The real reason for her loss? She figured she was going to win by at least 20 points, so why even bother campaigning? A understandably frustrated Obama felt the need to head to Mass. and campaign for Coakley, something she could not do herself. Obama always knows how to excite the crowd and get people riled up… Like below, in this video. Scott Rasmussen was hesitant… but predicted a win for Brown.

If you listen to Ed Shultz from there will be no chance of the republican winning. What you are about to watch below, is startling, so be warned. Children cover your ears, and parents put on your headphones.

Freedom much?


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