Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley Polls Close Soon; Results Already in?

The Mass senate race will soon come to a close. Martha Coakley and Scott Brown’s work is not over yet, as it will be a battle to the finish. Voter turnout, even in the weather, has been much greater than anyone could have predicted. While most predict a Scott Brown win, either candidate could win due to recounts, if the election is that close. The recount process, if it happens, will be brutal… with both sides screaming fraud. Politics, has been something that has been an ugly thing for awhile in this country, and it is just going to get worse.

We will be reporting results as soon as they start coming in. In an interesting note, (The Boston Globe) already posted who the winner will be. Obviously, this was just a test, possibly an in-house prediction. The Globe has never been known for its… fair reporting, so take the image below with a grain of salt… then throw it over your shoulder.

This piece will be updated as soon as results from the Martha Coakley and Scott Brown senate race start coming in. The funniest thing is… the election would not even have been close if Massachusetts went with the rules (that they made) and did not assign an interim senator.

Edit: @8:00PM Polls now closed, results will start to trickle in slowly.

Precincts Reporting: 179 of 2,168 (8%)

Scott Brown (R) – 103,633 (52.2%)
Martha Coakley (D) – 93,019 (46.9%)
Joe Kennedy (I) – 1,832 (0.9%)

For current updates go here!


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