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Barack Obama’s first state of the union address will happen very shortly. Something that we will be covering all the way through, so make sure you mash that refresh button! 2009 was well… in a gentle way, let’s say it was not great. Congress’s method of job creation failed, plain and simple. The president will have to own up to that fact, as well as many others. The state of the union address is never a insanely happy speech, but this one will be bleaker than most. If President Obama sugar coats the situation, we will be greatly surprised. Americans have lost the hope and change that was promised to them during the 2008 campaign.

Congress, and the government is still corrupt, in fact it has gotten worse. No-bid contracts which we were promised? Nope, still giving contracts away as political tools. Jobs being created? Nope, plenty of useless government jobs that do nothing for the economy. The major blame needs to be put on congress, but the President needs to own up to the fact his sights have been stupidly set on health care, and health care alone.

This post will be updated as soon as the state of the union address begins, and many more times throughout. A final assessment will be given, of course.

Liveblogging begins @ 9:00PM Eastern (you know, when the speech starts)

Update @9:00 PM:
Welcome to the live blogging experience, provided by “your source for liberty minded news.” I find it hilarious that Hulu is using Fox News, for their live feed. Hulu is a combined effort of three major networks, I am just surprised I am listening to Shepard Smith right now. Shepard Smith is one of the best voices from Cable News.

Update @9:03 PM:
Of course… we are waiting. Can somebody for once, be on time? This is for dramatic effect, I am sure… as everybody else is here ready to go.

Update @9:05 PM:
Supposedly, the man is going to make his way out now. And he is… laughing, yes… laughing. And kissing! Mrs. Obama looks pissed, for some reason or another… maybe because the President is smooching everyone.

@9:07 The sarcastic clapping continues… as the President comes out like a wrestler, slapping everybody’s hands. Smooching Geithner.

Update @ 9:10 Up to the podium now, speech should start soon. Teleprompters ready! Introduced by Pelosi, who for some reason looked thrilled.

Update @ 9:11
Starts off talking about the Constitution, about the only thing he likes about it, is that he gets to give this address.

Right now we get the idea, he is trying to go for the “we have made it through hard times before… listing the worse times in history… “one people, again we are tested” “We must answer histories call”

And here we go… Talking about having to act because of the previous administration.

@9:13 States 1 out of 10 Americans can not find work… Much greater % than that.

Stated “these struggles are the reason I ran for President”

He is doing the amazing, stating that the majority of the problem is over. Demonizing Wall St.

@9:15 Just called for bipartisanship, amazing considering… what has transpired the past year.

@9:16 “Our Union is strong” “We Do not Give Up” “In this new decade it is about time the American People get a new government that…” here we go.

Attack of the banks. Biden has a HUGE smile in the background. We hate the bank bailout, “I hated it” but we loved yours? “It is about as popular as a root canal” Zoom in on Geithner please.

Now defending the bailout, saying we recovered most but not all. Talking about Fees now.

Biden likes this one now…

9:20 “We cut taxes”
Saying we have saved jobs, because we cut taxes.

Yes… Mr. President, you have created a ton of jobs, which is why the unemployment rate continues to drop.

Going on about the Recovery Act “The stimulus bill” Saying that experts on both sides have said it has been successful… REALLY?!?!?!?! Oh… ok, I get it… he is talking about saved government jobs.

9:24 CALLING FOR A NEW JOBS BILL!!! WTF? Second Stimulus… here we go! “True Engine will always be american business (job growth)” ” BUT…. Government… can….”

30 BILLION of our money, that we supposed to get back… GO TO BANKS???? What?!?

Tax Credit, who hire new workers, or raises… This I like.

Eliminate all capital gains taxes on small business investments… This I also like.

Then goes back to new deal talk… Building railroads, and such. Yay! Wasteful spending. Just admitted these stupid things are being funded by the “recover act”.

“We should be building clean energy”

Removing tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas, give those to keep jobs here.

9:30 the previous decade was the “Lost decade” It was that bad???

Blaming Washington… You are Washington Mr. President. You have been for a full year.

9:30 Just declared war on China… Just kidding! In education that is.

“It is time to get serious” about banks.

9:35 Back to energy… Woah he makes this hard, with the back and forth business. He seems to care about California. How can we afford green energy, when we do not have Jobs, Mr. President?

For OFFSHORE DRILLING! No joke, and clean coal. Oh, and passing a clean energy bill… Which means more government waste.

Wants to push the Cap and Trade bill through the Senate. Now talking about Climate Change… and how it is real.

Wow, they liked that one. Much Clapping.

@ 9:37 Wants to double our exports over the next 5 years. Talking about expanding into new markets. Wants to be strict with trading policies. Global markets, strengthen relationships with Asia.

Skills and Education for our workers. “We only invest in reform” More funding for community colleges. I am for this one, as long as they do not abuse

Nationalize student loans… Easier to repay for those who go to into public service.

@ 9:45 No mention of the failed health care… Whoops there it was. Not even 40 minutes into his speech. Standing applause for this one.

Basically admitted why he is disliked, by taking on Health Care reform.

“We are closer than ever” Wait… what? You guys just floundered it, how are you close?

Michelle Obama really looks pissed, when Obama did a shout out.

Oh ok, Health care had problems… because he didn’t explain it better. Yep, that was it.

Used the “if anyone has a better idea, Let me know” They have Mr. President. You don’t call the shots… Congress does. Speaking of which… Begging with congress to keep going on reform. “Let’s get it done”

@ 9:50 attacking his inherited deficits… Which is funny because he doubled the yearly deficit in one year. “All this was before I walked through the door”. Well that is bullshit.

@ 9:51 FREEZE the budget. Except… everything that is expensive. Talking about raising taxes for those who earn over 250,000.

Still blaming… Still blaming…

Mentions using an Executive order, because the senate didn’t do their job… Wants to bring back “pay as you go”

FREEZE will not happen till NEXT year… Met with laughs, and rightly so… Which means, it will never happen.

@ 9:55 Shaun Booth sent me: “Constant Bullshit”

Now Obama is talking about “using common sense,” which just makes me point to the quote above.

@9:57 Talking about the latest supreme court decision about campaign finance, to the supreme court sitting right there… That was awkward…

LMAO, now he wants congress to publish earmarks… You mean, the same thing he called for in 2008? Pelosi looks kinda pissed in the background. By kinda, I mean she is freaking upset, almost to the point of tears.

@ 10:00 now talking about how getting elected do not matter… Basically, he wants the democrats to forgo reelection so he can try again with his healthcare and bank bills.

Pelosi is almost breaking into tears… at this point. As Obama attacks “politics”

@ 10:02, shouts at republicans, saying it is your turn to govern as well… (because he no longer has 60 votes)

Now wants monthly separate meetings with the republican/democrat senate.

@ 10:05 Winding down at this point, talking about how we need to unite.

Mentions how he has kept us safer worldwide. says “far more than in 2008″ terrorists have been caught. Hilarious.

Now talks about our troops coming home. When? Not the 3 months that you promised…

By the end of August “All of our COMBAT troops out of Iraq” Would love to see this actually happen… Wonder what “combat” means.

Now talking about the “threat of nuclear weapons” by… reducing our stockpiles. Nice! I have an Idea! Let’s just sell them to North Korea… That will help our deficit, and keep peace! *That was a joke*

@ 10:10… basically stating “we are awesome” Meaning, this is almost done… and my fingers can rest.

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@ 10:12, All americans are created equal. Crack down on hate crimes. Gays should be able to serve in the military. Women get equal pay, for an equal day. “Our values that created America.”

@ 10:15 More attacks on CEO’s, Tv pendants, and Bankers. Yes this is why is causing the “cynicism”… American has lost faith in politics, because of political games… Which are what you are doing right now by Bull#*%@ing to the American public.

@ 10:18, not updating like I was… because he is telling sob stories and such… You know… useless things. Just more political games Mr. President.

“A New Decade… We Don’t Quite… I Don’t Quit!”

Speech is over with… @ 10:20.

Consider donating on our right sidebar. Thanks for staying with us! Check back @ late tonight, and tomorrow for our summary… and continuing coverage.

@10:25 Republican response coming up soon. Which makes no sense, because how can it be a response, if it was already written.

What we need to take away from this… Obama is a bigger bull#@%#er than President Bush, or anybody else I can remember… for that matter.

@10:40 Taking a quick break, be back to write some more later. Do not forget to add us to your favorites !

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