Important week in Israel/US relations ahead

To begin the week, today Hillary Clinton will appear on Meet the Press where she will have the opportunity to publicly set the tone for the coming week.

Then hours later on Monday in Israel, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will meet with Israeli leadership on the issue of Iran. The administration believes that it is better to keep Israel in the loop regarding Iran and assure them that the coming talks on their nuclear program have a chance at success, to prevent them from striking Iran’s nuclear facilities unilaterally. A spokesman for the White House also said that Gates would make it clear to Israeli leadership that the talks with Iran are not open ended, and should they fail, military action is still on the table.

As I have stated before, I believe that the US knows that military strikes will have much more credibility and global support if they first exhaust the diplomatic path.

Finally on Wednesday a United States special envoy will visit with Israeli leadership, presumably to discuss both the ceasing of Israeli settlements and Iran’s nuclear program.

There is a nuance that could be easily glossed over in the Israeli settlement issue, but I think it is very telling in the way that Israel believes Washington operates. And I believe that Israel has a point here. They see that Obama is simply somebody that will continue to carry out the agenda of the central planners in the Pentagon and on Wall Street. Even moderates in Israel are claiming that the Bush administration agreed to allow the settlements to continue as long as a set of strict guidelines was followed. Now Israel is proclaiming that the Obama administration is breaking that agreement.
However, the Obama administration could care less about past agreements that Israel may have had with the Bush administration, this is about President Obama’s image in the region with the Arab people. This administration is desperately attempting to gain the trust of the Arab world, because they will ask them to sacrifice more in the coming years.

The envoy on Wednesday will be lead by Jim Jones, George Mitchell and Dennis Ross.

I believe that this meeting will be to discuss a way to sufficiently posture to the Arab world about ceasing settlements. Most likely the US envoy will plead with Israel to enter a holding pattern regarding both settlements and Iran until the end of the year, at which time the administration’s stance could change dramatically once the talks fail.

Because it is indeed the US will be the side to have the final say as to whether or not the talks are successful. If there are any strikes they will be from the Israeli/US side.

I have written about this numerous times, but not in quite some time so I will repeat it here. The Iran regime wants a weapon for the same reason that North Korea wants a nuclear weapon, as a deterrent.

That is why it is so crucial for the west to characterize Iranian leadership as crazed apocalypse craving lunatics. Because that is the only way they would conceivably use a nuclear weapon against Israel or the West. If they would ever use a nuclear weapon they might as well use it on themselves and their own people.


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