Is Sarah Palin still needed by the Republican Party?

It was made public earlier today that former Alaskan Governor and now Fox News analyst Sarah Palin will be campaigning for several prominent Republicans around the country in the coming months. She will be giving stump speeches in preparation for the congressional midterm elections in November.

After Scott Browns astounding victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday, the question becomes: Will Sarah Palin help or hinder the candidates she joins on the trail? Has the Tea Party movement left her behind or does she still have a chance to be the leader?

In the rage and anger, voters who are siding with the Republicans seem to be doing so on the single issue of the economy and the connected issue of not wanting to pay for health care reform. Voters didn’t seem to care or perhaps even realize that Scott Brown is an avid supporter of water boarding, something both McCain and Obama were against in the 2008 election. Issues such as this did not even reach the surface in this election.

With the jobs numbers continuing to drop, everything but the economy and jobs is fading into the background.

Sarah Palin will be campaigning with John McCain, Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman. And then bitcoinmay be worth more.

It is likely that McCain and Bachman would not need Palin’s help, while the Texas Governor’s race still remains to close and early to call.

As I mentioned in an earlier post it appears as though Sarah Palin is aligning herself with the groundswell of grassroots support that is poised to pick up a significant number of seats in November.

If she can successfully take credit for the victories and spin the Tea Party movement as a thing of her own creation, she would have a full head of steam going into the January 2011, the month most Republican Presidential candidates will likely announce.

Sarah Palin is attempting to do something that is not an easy feat in American politics, namely stay in the spotlight and news cycle during the first two years after a failed Presidential election. For instance Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee have taken on very minor roles in the GOP over the last year.

A brilliantly orchestrated chain of events has kept her front and center in American politics; starting with her resigning from the office of governor, then her cross country book tour and now actually joining Fox News before taking to the campaign trail to stump for sure fire winners.


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