Next up in Obama’s War on Terror: Africa

The Chinese receive 7% of their oil supply from Sudan. Given this fact, if the US could go into Khartoum and throw out the Sudanese President Bashir under the pretext of a human rights mission and gain control of the oil supply, they could then greatly weaken China.

The great thing about Yemen for the Obama administration is its proximity to the horn of Africa, which would be the gateway into US occupation of African countries.

The pretext is already set to go into Somalia, which is indeed a lawless country without a functioning government and home to the much publicized Somali pirates.

Sudan is also where Osama Bin Laden really got his start as a leader in the Arab world after fighting with the Mujahideen Afghanistan. Bin Laden found friends in Sudan by doing charity work for their people by helping to build roads and infrastructure.

But the motivation to create a US presence may rest in this fact alone: US oil imports from Africa are expected to reach 25% by 2015.

It was just 2 years ago that I first wrote about the establishment of Africom by the US military. Africom is just now getting its legs. As of now the horn of Africa including Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan are all still under CentCom (central command) but when Africom becomes fully operational the only African country remaining under CentCom will be Egypt.

It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of a news cycle, but the planners at the Pentagon have deliberate and methodical long range plans for the globe. And unfortunately it does not have a lot to do with morality or human rights; it has to do with running the world by controlling its resources.

Sometimes it is easy to complicate what is a fairly simple concept. The US needs to couch its foreign adventures in some type of moral deed that they can sell both to their own citizens and the world community, but in reality war is always about resources.

It is clear that China can not be stopped economically with traditional or even unconventional military means by the US. So the US will be forced to embrace the rise of China, while at the same time attempting to isolate China from the rest of the world. And that is what Africa is partially about.

In a recent article for Foreign Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations flagship publication, Zbigniew Brzezinski assesses Obama foreign policy in his first year. What Brzezinski states is what Obama is doing to untangle the US from the heavy handed policies of the last administration and point Washington in a new direction of finesse and broader goals. Brzezinski also does not mention Africa in Obama’s current policies, but it is not because Brzezinski does not believe that Obama will engage African nations. Brzezinski doesn’t mention Africa because it is not yet part of the narrative sold to the public.
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