Rand Paul Senate campaign: Nationwide dollars working on a statewide scale

As rumors are circulating as to which politician may be able to lead the Tea Party movement into Washington D.C. many are talking but very few are working as hard as Kentucky US Senate candidate Rand Paul.

It has been an incredible two weeks for the Paul campaign. In a survey released by SurveyUSA Paul leads the GOP’s establishment candidate, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson by 3 points, 35% to 32%. And a new poll out from Rasmussen shows that Rand Paul leads both potential Democrat opponents. He leads Attorney General Jack Conway by 10 points, 45% to 35%. And he also leads Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo 49% to 35%.

Paul also received two high profile endorsements. The first endorsement came from financial expert Steve Forbes. Forbes has long been well known and respected in the fiscally conservative wing of the political world. The Paul campaign is also now publicly backed by the Gun Owners of America, an important endorsement in the state of Kentucky where a majority of the citizens take their 2nd amendment rights seriously. Both of these endorsements demonstrate Paul’s appeal to the base of the conservative wing of the GOP.

But the most impressive achievement yet for the Rand Paul US Senate campaign has been their cash raising ability. Paul has already raised $1.7 million, and the general election is still over 10 months away.

The way that Rand Paul is raising money is somewhat unique. He has a built in nationwide fundraising system from the residual network from his father Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Having that broad base of financial support has helped fund the extensive traveling and campaigning Paul is now undertaking within the confides of Kentucky state borders.

While his Republican primary opponent enjoys the support of the GOP establishment, namely Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, it does not seem to be translating into votes. It will be interesting to see how extensively the RNC and the GOP establishment is willing spend resources on a campaign that is already looking desperate for Grayson. And if Grayson fails, will McConnell ever back Rand Paul?

While names such as Sarah Palin and Gary Johnson are thrown around as the potential leaders of the Tea Party movement, it is Rand Paul that is on the ground raising real dollars that look as though they will soon translate into real votes.


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