Peter Schiff reschedules money bomb after sabotage of campaign website

In an email yesterday to supporters Connecticut Republican Senatorial Candidate Peter Schiff announced that his campaign will be holding a follow up money bomb fundraiser after his last money bomb was disrupted by attacks carried out by what Schiff calls “cyber terrorists.” The attacks were aimed at his campaign donation website Despite being knocked off line several times throughout the day of the money bomb Schiff was still able to raise $65,000 on November 5th.

November 5th was a significant date, because it was essentially the
day the money bomb was born two years ago when supporters of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign raised 4.2 million on a November 5th,

That historical event was commemorated by the original organizer of
the November 5th money bomb by holding a multi-candidate money bomb which raised money for several liberty minded Congressional Candidates including Schiff.

Schiff currently trails Republican frontrunner Rob Simmons by well
over 20 points in the current polls. However, to take those polls
seriously at this point in the contest would be foolish.

Essentially the polls at this stage in a Senatorial campaign with the
election still a year away only gauge name recognition, and in turn
how much money a candidate will need to raise to overcome their lack of name recognition and successfully present their platform to the voting public.

Perhaps the most significant thing that the current polls are showing
is in how dire of a situation sitting Democratic Senator Chris Dodd finds himself. And Dodd seems to be reacting to these polls by desperately trying to find a voice in the current news cycle.

In a recent video blog Schiff declared that Chris Dodd has tried to
make himself into Santa Claus with his latest political moves by
bringing fluff to the American people. In the last week Dodd has
supported legislation that would force employers to grant paid sick
leave to employees who have H1N1. Schiff condemned the potential
legislation as not recognizing how human nature inherently
manipulative. Schiff said the proposed legislation would lead to a
steep decline in productivity across the country because most people would simply use the new law for a five day vacation.

More significantly earlier this week Dodd made the announcement that he had drafted legislation for a new economic oversight agency. The problem with Dodd’s solution is not only would he be creating another bureaucratic level in Washington, but he was one of the major players in the beginning of the financial crisis. He publically backed Fannie and Freddie only months before they collapsed.


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