Unconventional war on Pakistan by the Obama Administration

Taliban leadership is claiming that the recent triple agent suicide bomb attack that killed seven CIA agents was in response to over 700 dead Pakistani civilians by way of predator drones in 2009.

Pakistan officials claim that out of 44 strikes in the northwestern tribal areas only five of the missiles hit their intended Taliban or Al Qaeda targets. However US military officials claim that the hellfire missiles used in the 44 attacks are extremely accurate and the civilian casualties are greatly exaggerated by both the Taliban and Pakistan authorities.

Pakistan has proven to be problematic for the Obama Administration and the Pentagon. They would like to make Pakistan the next Iraq and then Iran would be the only piece left before a pipeline from Iraq/Saudi Arabia could run over land to India and China, giving the US invaluable control over the globe’s energy resources and distribution.

However Pakistan possesses a nuclear deterrent to such an attack and eventual occupation, so the US is forced to pursue less traditional methods of regime change. By killing “Al-Qaeda” and Taliban members and also innocent bystanders, the US creates anger in Pakistan’s citizens. That anger is then channeled at the government in Islamabad for being publicly complicit in such predator drone bombings. The Pentagon may be hoping that this anger will lead to chaos in an already fragile Pakistan, and then out of the ashes the US can take control in the name of protecting the nuclear weapons. This theory has already been floated, in so many words, by various officials in Washington over the years; it is just a matter of it playing out.

Now the Obama Administration is seeking approval from the government in Islamabad to widen the area in which they are allowed to carry out predator drone attacks. The deeper the drones kill beyond the AfPak border, the more that rage will spread throughout the population, both towards Washington and Islamabad.

With the devastating suicide bomber attack over the New Year holiday that killed 100 civilians at a volleyball court, the security situation in Pakistan is volatile. And with the US military driving Taliban militants into Pakistan, the Pakistani northwest border is quickly disappearing. With $1.6 billion in aid on its way to Pakistan from the US in 2010 the Pakistan central government have no choice but to follow US orders and start a civil war within their own borders with the Taliban forces.

What remains to be seen is how the general population in Pakistan will divide its support between the two sides and how well Pakistan President Zardari can sell the war within his own boarders. He will be pressure by those accusing him of taking his eye off the true enemy as the Pakistani public sees it, namely India.

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