Zika and raised level of abortions: study

June 26, 2016

The latest study funded by U.S. tax dollars showed a raised level of abortion in the countries hard-hit by the Zika virus. The pregnant women prefer to use of abortion-inducing drugs because of a risk of microcephaly at their future babies. The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study “Requests for Abortion in Latin America Related to Concern about Zika Virus Exposure” examined requests for purchases of abortion-inducing drugs from the site Women on Web. This internet-site provides the drugs illegally in the countries where abortion is mostly or completely outlawed. But the pregnant women are not sure that will have a healthy baby because of Zika virus. So, they prefer an abortion with the help of an illegally bought drug.

The High Commissioner for the United Nations’ Commission on Human Rights reported on tens of thousands of women infected in the Latin America countries like Brazil, Columbia, and others, where Zika virus exists and spreads. That’s why at least 1,500 babies in Brazil alone were born with microcephaly. According to the medical statistics, it is an extremely small percentage of babies born to women who have Zika virus/