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14 people died of Legionnaires’ disease in Poland.

14 people died of Legionnaires’ disease in Poland.

The “legionnaires’ disease” that broke out in southern Poland has already claimed the lives of 14 people, the state sanitary inspection of Rzeszow reports.

An outbreak of legionellosis, also known as “legionnaires’ disease”, was recorded in the Polish Rzeszow Podkarpackie Voivodeship near the border with Ukraine.

“As a result of legionella infection in Subcarpathia, 14 people died. So far, 153 residents of the region have been infected with bacteria,” the report says.

According to the sanitary inspection, the source of infection was in the water supply. Legionella bacteria were found in four of the nine water samples taken for research on August 18.

On Saturday, water pipes were disinfected in Rzeszow, adding an increased amount of chlorine to the water. The case of the outbreak of “legionnaires’ disease” is being investigated by the Polish Internal Security Agency.