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15 people were killed in clashes in a refugee camp in Lebanon.

15 people were killed in clashes in a refugee camp in Lebanon.

The armed clashes that resumed on Wednesday evening in the Ain el-Helwah refugee camp between the militant wing of the Fatah party and radical Palestinian gangs killed 15 people and injured another 150,  the Lebanese national news agency NNA reports.

Earlier on Monday, as a result of regular clashes between Palestinian armed groups in the Ain al-Helwah camp, six people were killed and more than 80 were injured.

“The fighting, which is already considered the most fierce, flared up with renewed vigor in the morning (Thursday) in all directions. According to the latest data, since the beginning of the clashes, 15 people have been killed and 150 injured,” the agency writes.

Last week, on Thursday, clashes broke out between Fatah and armed groups in Ain el-Helweh, with machine gun fire and shells fired. The Fatah press service in Lebanon stated that Islamist groups started shooting at the camp. At the end of July, violent clashes broke out between Fatah and Islamist groups in Ain el-Helweh, lasting several days. They began after the assassination of one of the Fatah commanders, Ashraf al-Armushi.

On Wednesday, the press services of the Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas announced in a joint communiqué that they had reached a general agreement on a ceasefire in the refugee camp and the transfer of everyone associated with the murder of al-Armushi to Lebanese law enforcement agencies. However, the fighting resumed with renewed vigor just a few hours after the statement.