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Rand Paul Eggs On Sanders And Warren To Support Fed Audit

Rand Paul Eggs On Sanders And Warren To Support Fed Audit

For years now, the public and elected officials have debated and argued for an audit of the Federal Reserve. All efforts have been met with trepidation and stonewalling from politicians who preside over government banking and from the Federal Reserve’s own chairpersons.

This blocking of any audit of the Fed is seen by Americans and people of the world as a way of avoiding the disclosure of wrongdoing that may have gone on for decades. The Federal Reserve is not a real government entity but is regulated by government. It came into existence in 1913 among a very controversial vote at that time that historians state was legal or illegal. It has become a hot button issue over the past 20 years as the internet has now been the vehicle that critics and others have used to spread both valid and inaccurate information regarding the Federal Reserve. The Fed’s come under even more fire during the past 15 years as it failed miserably to predict and act on the reckless practices of banking that lead to the economic collapse of 2007. The Fed has at its behest some of the world’s top financial officials and analysts, but somehow these high paid experts all failed even when the public and professionals in banking had pleaded with government to step in.

Paul is pushing his legislation for a procedural vote on Tuesday, January 12, and he’s got enough Republicans but needs at least 6 Democrats. He’s now spotlighting Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to join under his banner as both have hit the podiums for years demanding an audit of the Federal Reserve. Should both Warren and Sanders join in on this fight, it will be an event that could lead to one of the most historic financial legislative and government management actions in the past 150 or so years since Abraham Lincoln went heads up against the European Central Banks and started printing his own American currency called Greenbacks.

Documentation is irrefutable that the Federal Reserve has been under the heel of the European Central Banks. President Andrew Jackson had abolished these banks and their practices of fractional reserve lending in the 1830s and it lasted until 1913. President John F. Kennedy also tried to buck the Federal Reserve grip as the Constitution specifically states that only the US government can print money, not a private institution, however, like Abraham Lincoln and several other presidents that tried to buck the system, Kennedy was murdered before his plan could go into effect.

Rand has a major uphill battle and he’ll draw in lots of ire from establishment Republicans whose bread and butter relies on the banking system being untouchable by government. It’s a major outpoint that is so glaring that it is just about incriminating.

Rand Paul is following in the footsteps of his father, Senator Ron Paul who had years ago pushed for an audit of the Fed. Conspiracy theorists swamped the web with factual information about the Federal Reserve that the public had been unaware of as the mainstream media had practiced a ‘hands off’ agenda regarding the matter. Now the cat is out of the bag and Paul has enough momentum to get the ball rolling and with Sanders, Warren, joining in, he’s got the best chance than anyone in recent history of finally exposing what the Fed has been doing all these years in secret.

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